M&a, corporate law
 Law Firm "Sofiya" has obtained a profound experience in legal support for incorporation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities of various entity types, the support for mergers and acquisitions. The LF "Sofiya" offers its clients the following services:
• Legal support for incorporation, reorganization and liquidation of the legal entity , the acquisition of a business or its part;
• Drafting documents necessary for the conduction of the processes of incorporation, reorganization, liquidation, merger or acquisition of joint-stock companies;
• Representation and adjustment of corporate processes with state authorities; 
• Tracking of transactions that requires the accidence of the AMC of Ukraine .
Нерухомість та землекористування: Sofiya Law Firm виступить партнером навчального курсу Leadership in Law
28 та 29 жовтня 2021 року освітня платформа Leadership in Law за підтримки Sofiya Law Firm організує online-курс із нерухомості та землекористування для адвокатів, юрисконсультів, нотаріусів, власників та представників будівельного...

Corporate rights in farm: the lawyers are discussing the problems of theory and caselaw
In farm, which in Ukraine is a form of entrepreneurship of citizens for the production, processing and sale of marketable agricultural outputs, there are certainly problems of corporate relations. Their specification caused by the peculiarities of protection of land rights.

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