Our agenda is to provide quality and highly skilled legal services for big and medium-sized business, to solve complex legal issues, to support exclusive projects.

Main areas of practice:

- Representing interests of legal and private entities in the court;
- Real estate and construction Law;
- Land Law;
- Legal support of enterprises of the agrarian sector;
- Legal services for legal entities, including foreign legal entities;
- Solving of tax disputes;
- Financial Law.
Real Estate and Land Use: Sofiya Law Firm will be a partner of the Leadership in Law course
On 28th and 29th of October 2021, the educational platform Leadership in Law with the support of Sofiya Law Firm organizes an online course on real estate and land use in Ukraine for lawyers, legal advisers, notaries, owners and representatives of the construction business.

Corporate rights in farm: the lawyers are discussing the problems of theory and caselaw
In farm, which in Ukraine is a form of entrepreneurship of citizens for the production, processing and sale of marketable agricultural outputs, there are certainly problems of corporate relations. Their specification caused by the peculiarities of protection of land rights.

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