Legal expertise (due diligence)
Experts of LF "Sofiya" using their own experience, best practice, and partners` relations offer the following services:
• Legal analysis of capital investment , construction , environmental, and other business projects on compliance with Ukrainian laws and tax, organizational , legal, optimization and risks avoiding ;
• Legal analysis of contracts and documents for compliance with the laws and possibility of risks to clients;
• Provision with recommendations to solve the non-standard legal situations . LF "Sofiya" offers exclusive services to its clients, such as:
• Support for the obtaining scientific legal expertise.
• Preparation of scientific legal expertise is carried out in collaboration with the Koretsky Institute of State and Law of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

For reference: Scientific and legal expertise is used in especially complex cases when there is an antinomy (conflict), lack of regulation ( loophole it the law) or difficulties in applying law in time. Scientific and legal expertise is also used in case of necessity to obtain an expert opinion from lawyers with a narrow specialization and specializing in certain narrow areas of legal practice. For detailed information, click here.
Нерухомість та землекористування: Sofiya Law Firm виступить партнером навчального курсу Leadership in Law
28 та 29 жовтня 2021 року освітня платформа Leadership in Law за підтримки Sofiya Law Firm організує online-курс із нерухомості та землекористування для адвокатів, юрисконсультів, нотаріусів, власників та представників будівельного...

Corporate rights in farm: the lawyers are discussing the problems of theory and caselaw
In farm, which in Ukraine is a form of entrepreneurship of citizens for the production, processing and sale of marketable agricultural outputs, there are certainly problems of corporate relations. Their specification caused by the peculiarities of protection of land rights.

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