Legal support at courts
Law firm "Sofiya" represents its clients in all court instances in civil, commercial and administrative cases. Moreover, Law Firm "Sofiya" team represents its clients before international courts. Services of this practice include:
• Legal evaluation of possible outcomes of legal dispute;
• Evaluation of risks associated with the outcomes of litigation ;
• Pre-trial dispute resolution, drafting and signing of amicable agreements
• Representation in the course of negotiations;
• Drawing-up of tactics for handling disputes, drafting legal documents;
• Representation of clients in all court instances of all jurisdictions;
• Support for disputes in arbitration courts of Ukraine;
• Representation in disputes on the validity and conclusion of contracts;
• Legal support for the enforcement of court decisions;
• Support for judgements enforcement on debt collection from debtors in the EU and other countries;
• Support for land, investment, tax, administrative, corporate, commercial disputes, insolvency proceedings, and foreign economic activity;
• Recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgements in Ukraine;
• Representation in the ICAC at the UCCI, in other international arbitral tribunals.
Нерухомість та землекористування: Sofiya Law Firm виступить партнером навчального курсу Leadership in Law
28 та 29 жовтня 2021 року освітня платформа Leadership in Law за підтримки Sofiya Law Firm організує online-курс із нерухомості та землекористування для адвокатів, юрисконсультів, нотаріусів, власників та представників будівельного...

Corporate rights in farm: the lawyers are discussing the problems of theory and caselaw
In farm, which in Ukraine is a form of entrepreneurship of citizens for the production, processing and sale of marketable agricultural outputs, there are certainly problems of corporate relations. Their specification caused by the peculiarities of protection of land rights.

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