The partner of LF "Sofiya" O.Polivodskyy commented the innovations of Ministry of Justice on land registration on the pages of the newspaper "AGROPROFI"

The publication "AGROPROFI" applied to O.Polivodskyy because of the fact that Order of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine "On State Registration of Rights to agricultural land" from 28.05.2014, № 845 / 5 came into force on June 3rd, 2014. According to Order, agricultural land registration is allowed not only at the location of land but in other structural subdivisions of the State Registration Service, operating within the region.

According to the partner of LF "Sofiya" O.Polivodskyy, the order will help in the anticorruption efforts, because it will be possible to choose between registrars.

More details in the newspaper "AGROPROFI» № 21 (264) on June 6, 2014, or at this link. Also, it's an interview published on the website of UAC, which can be found at this link.

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