Coverage of the event with the participation of LF "Sofiya" was published.

On November 26, 2014 the Committee of Agribusiness Entrepreneurs held a meeting at the CCI of Ukraine devoted to abilities of agricultural sector associations, opening in a new environment.

LF "Sofiya" was represented at the event with a report on legal aspects of changes in the associations activities. A detailed report of the event is issued by "Juridichna Gazeta".

As for the prospects of associations as legal forms in agribusiness in terms of European integration, it was noted that the idea of ​​European legislation is to reduce the role of the state and transfer some of its functions to non-state agencies - unions and associations.

For more details please read the article at the following link.


* "Juridichna Gazeta" – is a Ukrainian weekly professional legal publication that publishes expert opinions, ratings and comments of prominent lawyers of the country.

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