ANNOUNCEMENT: "Registry Accessibility: The pros and cons" Roundtable will be held on April 28, 2015

The partner of LF "Sofiya" O.Polivodskyy will participate in the rountable. The event is organized by the Association of Advocates of Ukraine and the Council of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

O.Polivodskyy will report on "Accessibility of registers or restriction of citizens' rights? Legal conflicts, and recommendations to legislators. "

The event will also be attended by members of parliament of Ukraine including L.Kozachenko, Ye.Sobolyev, V.Chumak and others; representatives of The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, attorneys and lawyers, businessmen and leaders, mass media.

To participate in the roundtable one can sign up by 9:00 am 04/24/2015 by sending a request to the address: or by tel. (067) 50 156 10.


Seats are limited.

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