The newspaper "Law and Business" has published an article about the jurisdiction of the land disputes, authors of which are the judge of Higher economic court of Ukraine A. M. Ulitskyy and the partner of Law Firm "

    Recognized among the law community weekly newspaper "Law and Business" has posted an article, written by the judge of the Higher economic court of Ukraine A. M. Ulitskyy and the partner LF A. Polivodskyy.
   The publication is about the problems of determination of land disputes jurisdiction. It is prepared for the occasion that in May, 17, 2011 the Plenum of the Higher economic court of Ukraine adopted the Decision № 6 «On some practice issues to settle land disputes”.
    The authors give their own assessment of the adopted Decision and draw the colleagues  attention to the features of procedural law application in the preparation of lawsuits to consideration and in settlement of land disputes by economic courts.

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