'Burial-related challenges associated with amendments to Code of Criminal Procedure are fictitious,' says lawyer at Sofiya Law Firm

Forensic medical examination-related amendments to criminal procedural law that have taken effect recently do not change procedures for the burial of persons who have died a natural death.

That is the opinion lawyer at Sofiya Law Firm Ms Olha Datsiuk has expressed in her comment to Ukrinform multimedia platform clearing things up with the notorious 'Mr Lozovyi's amendments.'

It is a reminder that the amendments to the procedural codes, as passed in October 2017, have entered into force on 15 March. One of those amendments — the amendment authored by Ukrainian Parliament member Mr Andrii Lozovyi — has introduced changes to the Code of Criminal Procedure, limiting the duration of pre-trial investigation and altering procedures for carrying out forensic medical examinations.

The last week has seen certain media and social networks actively reporting that the amendment would prevent Ukrainians from freely burying their deceased relatives. And that no burial would be permitted until a court-appointed examination is carried out. And that it would take three days (or even longer, taking into account the current caseload) to obtain such permit.

'The amendments to criminal procedural law do not apply in any way to those who have died a natural death,' stresses Ms Datsiuk.  As before, a forensic medical examination is required only in respect of a person who has died a violent death. 'A forensic medical examination has been always taken place in criminal proceedings, however, the procedures for carrying out such examination have been changed,' notes the lawyer.

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