The patner of the Law Firm «Sofiya» O. Polivodskyy participated in a press conference dedicated to the land market

  In December 28, 2011 the Information Agency “The Ukrainian national news” organized the press conference dedicated to the content of the Draft Law of Ukraine “On the land market”, which is which is planned to be adopted in the second reading.
  The Deputy Chairman of the State Agency of Land Resources M. Kalyuzhnyy presented the official position on this issue. The President of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club A. Lissitsa and the partner of the LF "Sofiya" and adviser of UAC А. Polivodskyy made make public their positions.
  It is not the first public event with the participation of А. Polivodskyy in the last period. In December 26, 2011 А. Polivodskyy jointly with the specialist of the analytical agency AAA M. Kolesnika, the academic P. Sabluka and the President of the Association of tenants and landlords I.Tomycha. took part in the discussion of the land reform in the Ukrainian radio.
  А. Polivodskyy also actively participates in the expert group at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee of Agrarian Policy and Land Relations. This  expert group was created for the development of the Draft Law of Ukraine "On the Land Market" and to provide advice to the Committee.
  А. Polivodskyy noted that the work on the draft laws is a honorable and interesting task, which gives an opportunity to look at law as a compromise between the interests of different social groups involved in its creation. “It is obvious that the practicing lawyers from time to time should be involved in such work in order to help a legislator to avoid the serious mistakes”, said O.Polivodskyy.  
  The Draft Law “On the land market” was adopted in the first reading 08.12.2011. 

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