Sofiya Law Firm lawyer tells about how agribusinesses can be protected from illegal takeovers

More than 700 illegal takeover attempts in respect of Ukrainian agribusinesses were recorded in 2017 alone. According to Opendatabot (a service that allows for a counter-raider monitoring of the registration data of Ukrainian companies and the court register), 1,270 individuals approached the Commission on State Registration Complaints (also known as the 'Counter-Raider Commission') of the Ministry of Justice in the past year. The most common reasons for applying to the Commission were changes in details in the uniform state register, forgery, and fraudulent alteration of lease agreements.

Experts often refer to the changes that occurred in the land titles registration system in 2013 — when the registration function was transferred from land authorities to justice agencies — as one of the drivers contributing to that abusive practice.

Please read the 'Warning Bells' article written for YURLIHA web portal by Ms Yuliia Horova, lawyer at Sofiya Law Firm, to learn about how to identify in advance and to forestall a disaster.

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