Oleksandr Polivodskyi reminds how to have title to land registered by way of inheritance

To have title to land registered by way of inheritance, an heir should take certain actions.

Sofiya Law Firm partner Mr Oleksandr Polivodskyi has reminded those actions in the awareness raising and training video by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice entitled 'Know Your Rights to Land'.

In a first place, an heir should contact a notary and file an application for acceptance of an inheritance within six months after the estate leaver dies. 'To have title registered by way of inheritance, the heir should contact a notary at the last registered place of residence of the estate leaver to initiate the inheritance procedure and to file the application for acceptance of the inheritance. The information is entered in the register of deceased estates,' the expert told. 'This should be done within six months after the estate leaver dies. Only if that is the case the heir will be entitled to participate in the appointment process.'

If the six-month period after the death of the estate leaver has expired, the heir should contact the same notary who will consider all filed applications and decide on who will be entitled to the inheritance in accordance with legal requirements. 'Should there be any dispute, it shall be referred to a court. Otherwise, the notary will issue a certificate(s) of inheritance to the person(s),' Mr Polivodskyi pointed out. - The certificate specifies that a given person is entitled to a specific property of the estate leaver.'

After that, title to property is registered. The notary is required to register title in the state register of titles to real estates. The register bears information on the grounds for inheritance: by inheritance, in our case. From this moment on, the person is deemed to have acquired title to the deceased property and may manage it on his or her own.

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