'Political procrastination on decision to launch land market may cost Ukraine dearly,' Oleksandr Polivodskyy says

The extension of the moratorium on disposing of agricultural land for another year has customarily restricted landowners' rights. However, as distinct from previous parliamentary resolutions, the 2019 sales ban will have extremely adverse implications.

Sofiya Law Firm partner Mr Oleksandr Polivodskyy shared this opinion with Yuridicheskaya Praktika newspaper when commenting on the Ukrainian Parliament's Act amending Section X (Transitional Provisions) of the Ukrainian Land Code to extend the moratorium on disposing of agricultural land. On the eve, 231 Parliament Members voted for the Act.

The expert pointed out that the European Court of Human Rights directly concluded in its judgment made in Zelenchuk and Tsytsiura vs Ukraine that the moratorium on disposing of land is in conflict with relevant rights. The key issue for the entire 2019 relates to the enforcement of the judgment in practice with the moratorium extended. The ECHR's case law serves as a legal authority for Ukrainian courts.

It is our reminder that in the hearing of cases courts are required to rely on the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the ECHR's case law as provided by Article 17 of the Ukrainian Act on the Enforcement of Judgments and Reliance on the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights.

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