Oleksandr Polivodskyy holds training sessions on land rights protection as part of World Bank's free legal aid project

The Coordination Centre for Legal Aid has organised training sessions on judicial defence and the out-of-court settlement of issues of landowners and land users for advocates and lawyers.

Sofiya Law Firm partner Mr Oleksandr Polivodskyy provided trainings that took place in Kyiv and in the Kyiv and Mykolaiv Regions.

It is our reminder that earlier the Expert Panel on Accreditation and Certification of the Ukrainian National Bar Association issued a certificate to Mr Polivodskyy, showing him to be an expert in organising and holding advanced training events on the matter for advocates.

The training cycle entitled 'Land Rights Protection. Judicial Defence and Out-of-Court Settlement of Issues of Landowners and Land Users' is delivered as part of implementation of the World Bank programme promoting transparent management of land resources in Ukraine.

'As a socially responsible business, we are interested in creating proper conditions to attract investments in the agriculture and rural areas. Accordingly, it is our hope that the experience of the firm's lawyers and my own expertise will promote the enhancement of transparency in the agricultural land market,' Mr Polivodskyy has commented his participation in the programme.

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