Sofiya Law Firm protected individual’s ownership of privatised land

Experience shows that it could be quite tricky to exercise a Ukrainian citizen’s statutory right to obtain a land plot for free. Sometimes, problems may persist even after a local self-government authority has issued a decision allocating the land.

Sofiya Law Firm experts helped a Ukrainian citizen, who owns a land plot in the Obukhov District of the Kyiv Region, to succeed in defending their property rights in court. The action was brought by a prosecution office, who argued that the decision of the local council contradicted the interests of the State and made the case that the council was not authorised to dispose of the community-owned land.

Following the consideration of the facts of the case, the court agreed with the case presented by Sofiya Law Firm, saying that the local council’s decision allocating the land plot was made in accordance with Ukrainian law and within the council’s competence, and is therefore legal and valid and complies with the provisions of other regulations.

Oleksandr Polivodskyy appointed to chair Agrarian and Land Law Committee of Ukrainian National Bar Association
The Ukrainian National Bar Association has established an Agrarian and Land Law Committee, which will look into the matters of protection of rights of persons, exchange of information with colleagues, development of judicial and extrajudicial defence of the rights and interests of parties to agrarian and land legal relations.

Vadym Roshkaniuk holds round table conference on judicial system between Ukrainian and German parties
Most of lawyers find the German legal system to be exemplar, as it is integrated in the laws of many European countries belonging to the Romano-Germanic legal system. The Nordic countries, Poland and even the Russian Empire lived or continue to live under German law.

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