The World Bank conducted a large-scale study on land management in Ukraine

The world bank and “Agroinvest Company” project held the range of activities and public discussions concerning the evaluation of land law in Ukraine. The research concerns the effectiveness of land law. As a result the range of recommendations for the government was prepared.

The Assessment was conducted by World Bank criteria.

The partner of LF “ Sofiya” Mr. Polivodskyy was invited to the work as a domestic expert.

This work was extremely interesting, as it gave opportunity to look on land law of Ukraine from other point of view and valuate its effectiveness”- mentioned Mr. Polivodskyy.

The results of research and recommendation will be disseminated among financial organizations and international investors and ukrainian and world public.

Відмовили у безоплатному отриманні земельної ділянки? Що робити, - розповів Олександр Поліводський
Громадяни України мають право на безкоштовне отримання земельної ділянки – але що робити у випадку, коли орган державної влади чи місцевого самоврядування відмовляє у приватизації?

Oleksandr Polivodskyy reminds about two methods for obtaining information on unoccupied land in Ukraine
All Ukrainian nationals are entitled to obtain free six land plots of different intended use. In accordance with the legislation, land plots can be allocated in any region irrespective of the place of residence if there is any unoccupied land within a territory falling under the authority of a municipal council.

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