The partner of LF “Sofiya” O. Polivodskyy gave his opinion on the newly approved law on public procurement for publication "Governmental Courier".

It is commonly known, that Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted and the President of Ukraine signed the changes to the law concerning public procurement which introduced the procedure of electronic reverse auction, changed the procedure of bidding for public enterprise and made the range of other changes ( the law # 49/VI).

The addition “Government Courier” (the Cabinet of Ministry official press) approached some competent lawyers and economists to comment newly approved legislation. The Partner of LF “Sofiya” gave his competent comments concerning this new law. The text of commentary is available for this

Олександр Поліводський очолив Комітет НААУ з аграрного та земельного права
Національна асоціація адвокатів України утворила Комітет з аграрного та земельного права, який опікуватиметься проблемами захисту прав суб’єктів, обміном інформацією між колегами, виробленням стратегій судового...

Vadym Roshkaniuk holds round table conference on judicial system between Ukrainian and German parties
Most of lawyers find the German legal system to be exemplar, as it is integrated in the laws of many European countries belonging to the Romano-Germanic legal system. The Nordic countries, Poland and even the Russian Empire lived or continue to live under German law.

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