How to fight agrarian raiding (advice of Sofiya Law Firm partner Mr Oleksandr Polivodskyy)

The desire to seize someone's property will probably always exist. Therefore, we can only talk about the minimization of agrarian raiding, including through the existing legal mechanisms in Ukrainian society and the implementation of the principle of inevitability of punishment.

This opinion was expressed during a speech at the online conference of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Agrarian Raiding: Battle on – and win your battle (or not)?" by the chairman of the Committee on Agrarian and Land Law of the Ukrainian National Bar Association,  Sofiya Law Firm partner Mr Oleksandr Polivodskyy.

He presented to the representatives of agrarian business the brochure "Legal security in land relations", prepared with the assistance of the land sub-assembly of the project "German-Ukrainian agricultural policy dialogue".

In order to minimize agrarian raiding and ensure the inevitability of punishment of all its possible manifestations, it is necessary not only to have adequate legislation, but also to form a proactive position of landowners, - O. Polivodskyy is convinced. - But nowadays business representatives sometimes create by their actions the background for raider seizures.

Whether the state is able to protect farmers, whether the number of illegal acts has decreased with the adoption of the Law № 340-IX from 05.12.2019 on countering raiding, how the problem will be affected by the land market opening and lifting the moratorium, why the vast majority of seizures concern small and medium businesses – the answers to these and other questions, as well as legal advice on ways of defence you can find in the recording of the online conference "Agrarian Raiding: Battle on – and win your battle (or not)?" on the Youtube channel Sofiya Law Firm.

The following people took part in the discussion of issues related to countering agrarian raiding:

- President of the UCCI Hennadii Chizhikov;

- Chairman of the Committee of Entrepreneurs of the agro-industrial complex of the UCCI Oleh Yukhnovskyi;

- Coordinator of the land sub-assembly of APD, a representative of LLC BVVG (Federal Society for Land Management and Sales) Christoph Gilgen;

- lawyer Viktor Kobyliyanskyi;

- Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Mykhailo Apostol;

- First Vice-President of the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of Ukraine Viktor Sheremeta.

Representatives of agribusiness can receive a brochure "Legal security in land relations" by sending a request to the e-mail address

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Legal security in land relations: business advice gathered in one brochure
The largest assets of the agrarian business are land plots, which raiders' attacks are aimed at. The reason for such attacks are both shortcomings in the registration and formalization of land, and improper execution of land lease agreements.

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