Oleksandr Polivodskyy pointed 5 steps which a farmer should take before the opening of the land market

We need to prepare for the opening of the land market and build our market strategies accordingly. Keep in mind that the market is just around the corner and its consequences can be important.

This was emphasized by the Chairman of the Agrarian and Land Law committee of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, Sofiya Law Firm partner and attorney Oleksandr Polivodskyy in an interview with “Law and Business”, devoted to the prospects that await farmers soon.

In his opinion, in order to prepare for possible surprises that will arise after the opening of the land market, farmers must take several measures today.

1. Do not postpone the proper registration of land relations for later. "First of all, you should evaluate your land assets for proper registration," said the expert. "Underhanded, gray, informal arrangements should not be allowed, because sooner or later it will lead to a loss of assets."

2. Review the terms of lease agreements, check their validity. "If a person is a tenant, then you need to compare market conditions. Tenants should not save on prices if the payment does not correspond to the market price, because it poses risks,” O. Polivodskyy gives advice.

3. Act ahead. "You must always be prepared for legal or other claims from third parties regarding land, property, corporate rights, etc. It is advisable to pay attention not only to the land itself, but also to the whole complex of property and other relations, - the expert is convinced. - This year, the law gave the owner the right to complicate the registration of real estate rights and corporate rights to prevent forgery or forcing the signing of documents. Maybe some of the owners should take this opportunity. "

4. Inventory all your obligations: "do not neglect even the smallest financial claims of opponents, because it can lead to a significant problem with sometimes irreversible consequences."

5. Listen to the advice of lawyers is the traditional advice of lawyers, which business does not always listen to.

The full text of Oleksandr Polivodskyy's interview can be viewed at the link.

Oleksandr Polivodskyy mentioned the main risks for business from the introduction of the land market in Ukraine
The one of the main risks of the emergence of a land market in Ukraine for investors is legal uncertainty, which will arise if the Constitutional Court does not rule on the Law №552-IX by the 1st of July, 2021.

Oleksandr Polivodskyy was awarded the honorary award of UNBA
The Sofiya Law Firm partner Mr. Oleksandr Polivodskyy received an honorary award from the Ukrainian National Bar Association for promoting the development of the Bar institution.

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