Law Firm "Sofiya" at the instance of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club provided professional legal opinion on the introduction of the index estimates arable 1.756

Ukrainian agribusiness club applied to LF “Sofiya” for professional legal opinion concerning introduction the index 1,756 to normative monetary evaluation of arable. As it’s well-known, such index was introduced from January 1, 2012 with adoption of the resolution of Cabinet of Ministries of UkraineOn amendments to the methodology of normative monetary value of agricultural land and settlements” dated October 31, 2011 #1185.

 LF “Sofiya” reasonably stated that introduction of this factor includes significant inconsistency with disposition of some Ukrainian laws and Constitution of Ukraine and confirmed necessity of initiation of changes to the law in this part.

The text was published by Customer on its own site, and  in hot from the press “Agroprofi” and on its site and other mass media.

LF “Sofiya” and Ukrainian agribusiness club plan to develop their cooperation, aimed to improve the land and agrarian legislation of Ukraine.

Олександр Поліводський увійшов до ТОП-10 кращих юристів України з аграрного та земельного права
Партнера Sofiya Law Firm Олександра Поліводського визнано одним з десяти лідерів практики аграрного та земельного права у рамках дослідження «Вибір клієнта: ТОП-100 найкращих юристів України-2018».

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