The Lawyer of LF "Sofiya" Dmitry Chernenko gave his comments on the new Customs Code of Ukraine for publication CCI Ukraine.

The lawyer of LF “Sofiya” Dmitro Chernenko provided his professional comment concerning the New Customs Code for issue for publication CCI Ukraine.

The comment was published by the Magazine of CCI Ukraine “Business journal” #7 (218) 2012. The comment includes the experience of LF “Sofiya” concerning lodging a complaint of eligibility of  fines for circumvention of customs policy and concern custom value and proceeding on violation of customs rules and other relevant procedures.

Орендарям на замітку: що буде із земельною ділянкою у випадку відсутності спадкоємців паю розповів Олександр Поліводський
Трапляються ситуації, коли власник земельного паю помирає, а спадкоємці не бажають оформлювати спадщину чи взагалі відсутні. За даними Міністерства юстиції сьогодні існує чимало неоформленої спадщини, зокрема...

Victoriya Varenikova has outlined important facets of pre-deal counterparty due diligence
Pre-deal due diligence of a counterparty is where you should not be stingy about either time or money. Your counterparty may conceal some detail because of failing to grasp its importance. Such mistakes can cost you money and sometimes even reputation.

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