LF "Sofiya" invites to join event.

LF "Sofiya" and its partners conducts events to discuss the most important legal mаtters of agrarian.

On May 22nd under  the International agro industrial  exhibition “AGRO-2013” with the support of LF "Sofiya" a conference "Registration of land rights: the new rules for agribusiness" will take place, where Partner of LF "Sofiya" O.Polivodskyy will deliver the report on the legal aspects of crop rotation. The program of conference is here.

On May 27th LF "Sofiya" in conjunction with the Chamber of Ukraine and the NGO "Dorado" will hold a public seminar on "Agricultural Land Use: Key Issues." O.Polivodskyy will deliver the report on "Crop Rotation: innovations, problems and solutions" and attorney of LF "Sofiya" Victoriya Varyenikova with the subject "Registration of land rights: innovation, problems and solutions."

Participation in the events after preliminary registration.

To participate at the events, please register at the office of LF "Sofiya". Number of participants is limited.

Орендарям на замітку: що буде із земельною ділянкою у випадку відсутності спадкоємців паю розповів Олександр Поліводський
Трапляються ситуації, коли власник земельного паю помирає, а спадкоємці не бажають оформлювати спадщину чи взагалі відсутні. За даними Міністерства юстиції сьогодні існує чимало неоформленої спадщини, зокрема...

Victoriya Varenikova has outlined important facets of pre-deal counterparty due diligence
Pre-deal due diligence of a counterparty is where you should not be stingy about either time or money. Your counterparty may conceal some detail because of failing to grasp its importance. Such mistakes can cost you money and sometimes even reputation.

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