Analytical edition "Jurist&Zakon" published an article of Dmitro Navrotskyy, lawyer of LF "Sofiya" on the topic of search and expunging of enterprises’ documents in accordance with newly accepted Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

The lawyer of LF "Sofiya" Dmitro Navrotskyy explained the procedure of search and expunging of economic entities’ documents, drew the attention on authority of interrogator or procurator in case of revision according to newly accepted Criminal Procedure Code, which went into effect from November 20th, 2012.

As Dmitro noted, new CPC of Ukraine doesn’t define the concept of search, but it can be concluded from the contest of section in CPC that it is investigative action, which aim is identify and transmit information about the circumstances of the criminal offense. The reason for search is determination of investigating magistrate.

Concerning expunging Dmitro mentioned, that only those things can be retrieve that are relevant to the criminal during search.

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