Partner of LF "Sofiya" О. Polivodskyy ranked as one of TOP-100 best lawyers according to "Client Choice" of professional legal publication "Juridichna gazeta".

Well known and reputable weekly newspaper "Yuridichna gazeta" conducted the market research of legal services, called "Annual expert research "Client Choice" for the period of 2012-2013. In accordance with the results of research the partner of Law Firm "Sofiya" O.Polivodskyy came in the list of top 100.

According to the division in the scope of practice, O.Polivodskyy was recognized as one of the best lawyers in the area of land and agrarian law.

Annual expert research "Client Choice" - is an independent national survey of the quality of legal services, provided by Ukrainian lawyers and determination the best lawyers in Ukraine. Exclusivity of the study is that it is an approach which is based on the vote of the client. Each research results published in a special edition called "Client Choice 2012/2013. Top 100 the best lawyers in Ukraine", which is distributed to most companies of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Polivodskyy presents validity checklist in respect of land lease contracts
The agricultural land lease makes Ukrainian agribusinesses look for other instruments to create a land fund. Land leases have proved to be one of the most convenient solutions. However, it also has some weaknesses ranging from terminological ambiguity to controversial caselaw.

Oleksandr Polivodskyy tells about what businesses should know about land lease and freeze
There are three essential conditions that should be spelled out in a land lease contract: the land to be leased, the term of the contract and the rent, including indexation, the manner and conditions of payment, and liability for failure to pay the rent.

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