The newspaper "Yurudicheskaya praktika" published material, prepared by a lawyer of LF "Sofiya" Dmitry Navrotskyy on the execution of an international court’s judgment

The newspaper "Yurudicheskaya praktika" # 36 (819) on September 3, 2013 published an article of a lawyer of LF "Sofiya" D.Navrotskyy "On the execution of an international court’s judgment" and the shape of the request in court.

The article describes the procedure for recognition and enforcement of international courts’ decisions. As the author noticed, "it is a must to apply the request on providing the permission of execution levying of a judgement and pay attention to the application documents to him". In addition, D.Navrotskyy gave the list of documents attached to the request and gave an example of a request from his legal practice.

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