The proffesionl addition “Juridichna gazeta” (№40 from October 1, 2013) printed the provided comment by the lawyer of LF “Sofiya” D.Navrotskiy upon the draft bill № 2522а on the reinforcement of guarantees of judicial independence.

Dmytro Navrotskiy commented upon the possible prospective amendments to the legislation introduced in the draft bill regarding the reinforcement of guarantees of judicial independence. Mr. Navrotskiy especially mentioned the necessity of the reformation of existing judiciary system, though based on alternative means, not those mentioned in the draft itself.

This draft bill proposes to alert the procedure of appointment and dismissal of judges. In particular this concerns authorities designated to appoint judges. As the author mentions the change of the appointing body and the term of office will not improve the guarantees of judiciary independence.

However D. Navrotskiy mentions the necessity of reformation of the procedure regulating the appointment of judiciary. Hence he makes a proposal to appoint judges using independent and transparent mechanism, namely the selection of judges by popular voting.

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