Professional addition “Juridichna gazeta” # 41 from October 8, 2013 published the position of the lawyer of LF “Sofiya” D.Navrotskyy upon the legal issues concerning the public-private partnership (PPP) development in Ukraine.

Dmytro Navrotskiy commented upon the legal provisions in force regulating procedural and institutional principles of public-private cooperation and essential principles of public-private partnership on contractual basis. The author turned attention to the relevant legal issues of PPP functioning in Ukraine and possible solution approaches.

As the author mentioned one of the reasons for such slow PPP development in Ukraine is the lack of consistent and gradual public policy and qualified public management in the sphere of PPP.

The implementation of PPP in Ukraine is characterized by inconsistency, lack of system steps of PPP building, insufficient delimitation of powers between state bodies which are responsible for PPP development. The introduction of PPP in Ukraine is undergone with inconsistency, deficiency of gradual steps towards arrangement of conditions for PPP, insufficient and unclear separation of powers between state authorities, responsible for PPP development.

However, D. Navrotskiy mentioned, that the high-grade development of PPP in Ukraine is feasible provided that legal, institutional and economic fundamentals of PPP functioning would be provided.

“Juridichna gazeta” is the reputable weekly magazine for practicing lawyers, which has become a means of sharing and exchange of experience by qualified lawyers on the most essential legal issues.

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