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High professionalism at the sphere of agrarian and business law has been acknowledged by leading rankings, including the Annual expert research “Client Choice” for the period of 2012-2013 organized by professional edition “Yuridicheskaya gazeta”..

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Legitimate expectations are an asset that is a subject to judicial protection
Although the civil law of Ukraine limits the notion of "property" to a particular thing, as well as to property rights and obligations, at the same time, human interests related to certain legitimate expectations are already protected in Ukrainian courts.

The moment of entry into force of the land lease agreement: 5 aspects that should be considered in land disputes
The current case law in land disputes indicates that one of the key problems today remains determining the moment when the land lease agreement enters into force. Due to the ambiguity of the approach, this issue has repeatedly become the subject of examination by the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court.

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